Swine Flu and Homeopathy


With hundreds of cases being reported every year and epidemics breaking out, some of them ending in deaths too , Swine Flu has become a cause of fear and dread .Today I shall explain what is Swine Flu and how to take care of it.

Swine Flu is a type of Influenza or Flu caused by the H1N1 virus (though closely related new ones like H3N2 have also been reported) that is prevalent in Pigs/Swine and gets transmitted from them to human beings. Swine influenza is transmitted from pigs to humans through close contact and from person to person by inhalation or ingestion of droplets containing virus from people sneezing or coughing; it is not transmitted by eating cooked pork products.

Symptoms of Swine Flu – A person affected by Swine Flu generally has Cough, Cold, And Fever more than 100 F. Untreated cases can result in pneumonia and seizures .Death in rare cases has been due to Lung involvement.

Incubation period is the period in which an infected person after contracting the infection starts showing symptoms of active disease, In the case of Swine Flu this period can range from 1-4 days.

How long does Swine Flu last
– It usually starts subsiding after 4 days to a week, but cough and weakness can persist for up to two weeks after the fever subsides.

I have successfully treated many cases of Swine Flu and I can safely say that it is a disease that can be easily managed with homeopathic  medicines, rest and a light but nourishing diet. The mortality rate is very low and death is only seen in cases of elderly, asthmatics, diabetics or infants at risk.

Timely diagnosis and the right treatment can cure Swine Flu and avert grave complications.