Most of the the patients have lot of queries and doubts about homeopathy and Homoeopathic medicines .The following are some frequently asked questions about the treatment at the Clinic and the medicines dispensed with their answers .

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Q. How do I Take the medicines prescribed to me?

If the medicines that you have got from the Clinic are globules (spherical white pills),then 4 pills make one dose.

If the medicine that you have got from the Clinic is a liquid, fitted with a dropper on the top and is a CLEAR liquid then 5 drops of the liquid in the vials mixed with two teaspoons or one table spoon of water is considered as one dose. The water should be preferably RO water or boiled and cooled water at room temperature.

If the liquid inside the vials with droppers is colored (is a mother tincture) then 10-15 drops of the liquid mixed with 2 teaspoons of water or 1 table spoon of water makes one dose. The water should be preferably RO water or boiled and cooled water at room temperature.

Alternatively the medicines may be taken directly on the tongue. The number of drops stays 5 (for clear liquids) and 10-15 for colored liquids (mother tinctures).You may feel a temporary sharp burning sensation on the tongue ,due to the alcohol content of the medicine ,hence it is recommended to use it with water .

The medicines in globules and in the droppers, when stored in a cool, dry place, away from strong odors and direct sunlight, have an expiration date of five years after the date of dispensation, as per the regulatory recommendations.

If your medicines are in liquid form and do not have a dropper on top, then it is recommended that they be used or discarded within 15 days of dispensation from the Clinic.

Q. How do I store my medicines?

A. The medicinesshould be stored in a cool, dry place, away from strong odors and direct sunlight. It is advised to avoid storing the medicines inside the refrigeratoras the strong odors from the food may be trapped inside and may render the medicines ineffective.

The medicines in globules and in the droppers, when stored in a cool, dry place, away from strong odors and direct sunlight, have an expiration date of five years after the date of dispensation, as per the regulatory recommendations.

Q. How much gap with food and drink should be observed when taking Homoeopathic medicines?

A. Ideally a gap of half an hour between consuming the homeopathic medicine and eating or drinking anything is recommended. However, a gap of 15-20 minutes is also adequate.

The teeth should only be brushed at least 20 minutes after (preferred) or before consuming your medicine. Do not drink water immediately after consuming the homeopathic medicine. Wait for at least 5 minutes before drinking water after taking medicines if you do have to drink.

Let the pills dissolve in your mouth, do not chew or swallow them.

Avoid consuming excessively sour food or beverages. Moderate sour flavor is alright. Also avoid the consumption of raw onions and garlic. Very strong flavors of any kind that linger in your mouth interfere with the action of homeopathic medicines. Two-three cups of coffee are allowed. Constant or repeated consumption of any food or beverage which results in lasting flavors in your mouth will interfere with the action of the homeopathic medicine. Smoking or chewing tobacco or mouth freshenersshould also be avoided for upto one hour before or after the medicines.

Q. Is it true that strong odors and perfumes should be avoided during homoeopathic treatment?

A. Yes. Strong odors in the room, where the medicines are stored or the application of strong perfumes etc. while consuming homeopathic medicines has shown to decrease the efficacy of homeopathic medicines and on occasion render them completely useless. Similarly the application of strong smelling oils containing menthol and ointments for pain relief and other purposes can significantly reduce the efficacy of the homeopathic medicines.

Q. Can I mix two or more homoeopathic medicines and take them together?

A. No. In almost all cases, the medicines are to be taken separately, in a specific order and at specific intervals. Please confirm how to take the medicines with the Clinic, if you have any doubts. They are almost never to be taken all together.

Q. Can Homoeopathy cure all diseases?

A. No we cannot. It is impossible and unethical to assure any patient of cure no matter how much success we have seen in the past. This is true for all forms of therapy.

Homeopathy is a complete science. It is capable of handling almost all clinical entities. A large number of conditions thought to be ‘incurable’, ‘terminal’ and ‘irreversible’ under conventional medicine are frequently ‘cured’ in Homeopathy. However, each system of medicine has its limitations. It is not our contention that we cure everything.

Q. How much time will it take to cure a disease?

A. In most cases we are unable to provide you with a fixed time frame. Our experience shows that it is not always possible to predict the time (except in extremely common illnesses, with a very well defined course) of treatment. We will however, be able to give you an approximate average, based on past cases.

Homeopathy has been shouldering the responsibility of treating extremely chronic conditions, particularly related to the skin. As patients stay on the treatment, they may see apparent exacerbations of the symptoms. This is not a result of the medicines. The phasic nature of your illness may continue to manifest, even as you improve, before they completely disappear for good. There is no reason to panic.

No. In our experience, we find, the readings elevated when the conventional medicines are withdrawn. This is not a result of the homeopathic medicines but a consequence of withdrawing the conventional medicines. Homeopathy does not directly substitute the conventional medicines but works towards ‘repairing’ the part of your body that is affecting so that, in time, it may start working normally and bring your readings back to normal. This takes time. There is no reason to panic.

Q. Can Homoeopathic medicines be taken alongside other medicines?

A. Homeopathic medicines work best when no other pharmaceutical agents are working on the body. However, due to conventional medical practices, where patients have been on medicines for long periods of time, this may not always be possible. The doctors at the Clinic will advise you about which medicines you can stop immediately, which ones you need to start tapering (and how to taper them) and those that you will need to keep taking. Ask the doctor at the Clinic about your current conventional medication.

Homeopathic medicines work best when no other pharmaceutical agents are working on the body and the immune system of the body is at its unrestrained best. However, due to the nature of the disease, stage and extent of metastasis etc. it may not always be possible to stop all conventional forms of therapy.

Homeopathy can be given in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In fact in addition to combatting the cancer and its spread the homeopathic medicine will help tolerate and overcome the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Q. Can I take Homoeopathic medicines on an empty stomach?

A. Yes. In fact homeopathic medicines work best when taken 20 minutes before meals. The first dose of the day may be on a completely empty stomach.

Q. I live far away,Is it possible to send me the medicines through courier?

A. Yes, we can. The Clinic has patients in many countries. It ships medicines to cities within India and outside. There are some countries that do not allow the shipping of medicines from outside. Contact the Clinic to know if we can ship medicines to you.

Q. How can payments be made if I want my medicines to be sent to me?

A. Payments are usually made using Electronic fund Transfers. Cash payments may also be arranged at the Clinic by a representative of the patient.

If you live in India, you should receive the medicines within 3-5 working days of dispatch. If you live outside India, the medicines should be received within 10-15 working days. There are occasional delays when the consignment is inspected at the port of entry of your country.

If you are unsure of where your consignment is held up or would just like to know how far it has reached, contact the Clinic and we will give you the consignment number and shipping service.

About Homoeopathy

Q. How Homeopathic medicines are made?

Homeopathic medicines are made through a specific pharmaceutical process called “potentization.” With plant or liquid substances, the tincture of the plant is extracted, usually through distillation with alcohol. The solution is then diluted with one part of the tincture with nine or ninety-nine parts of double distilled purified water. This new solution is vigorously shaken (or “succussed”), and then the dilution and succussion process is repeated numerous times. Typically, a homeopathic medicine is potentized three, six, twelve, two hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand times or more. When mineral substances are used, they are triturated (ground up) with lactose (milk sugar). Initially, one part of the mineral substance is ground together with nine or ninety-nine parts of lactose. Each substance is diluted and then triturated up to thirty times, and then it is dissolved into double-distilled water, at which time it is potentized in a process similar to that used with plan or liquid substances.